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Our Process

Our process consists of three simple steps, regardless of whether you are an individual or institutional client.  They are as follows:

Discover: This critical first step in the retirement planning process helps us determine your needs and how we may help.  We begin with a conversation about your goals, motivations, fears, issues, etc.  If you're visiting this site, there's something happening in your life that needs to be discussed.  We invest the time, upfront, to listen and determine the level of value we feel we can bring to the table.  We will answer any questions you may have about our qualifications, experience, fees, etc.  If it appears that there may be a good fit, we will mutually develop and agree to the scope of our engagement.

Design: The second step in our process is primarily behind the scenes. We work to understand your current retirement plan, assess your current financial statements and circumstances, evaluate the various trade-offs among your available options and then develop a strategy.  There will be interaction and conversation with you to ensure conceptual buy-in to the proposal and to properly set expectations.  Ultimately, we strive for the solution which offers the best value, the biggest impact and the least amount of disruption.

Deploy:  The last phase of this process is where we deploy the solution that makes the most sense given your situation.  The deployment phase will have a specific timeline for accomplishing each action item needed to accomplish your goal.  This may involve our implementation team working with you to contact former employers, CPAs, attorneys, or other service providers.

The aforementioned is a recurring process; however, the Discovery step will be re-visited at least annually to ensure that we remain up to date on what's happening in your life or business.  If we've done our job correctly, demonstrated value, and built a relationship on trust, we would have an expectation that our clients would seek us out proactively as major life events unfold.